Friday, August 16, 2013

the tew dewdz

One of the last-ever pictures taken at my apartment complex, Shenandoah Commons, was of Bob and Gabe, the two maintenance guys.

B and G are two of the most pleasant, easygoing fellows I've ever met, and they seem to have one of the smoothest, most harmonious working relationships I've ever seen. They're the ones who inspected my apartment for the damage assessment; they surprised me by giving my place a clean bill of health, and they praised the cleaning job I had done. "Thank you for being an excellent resident," they said. "Believe me," added Gabe, "you're part of a small percentage of really good residents here." That was news to me, but then again, all I needed to do was think back to my college-dorm days to remember that a large fraction of the population is perfectly happy to live like pigs.


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