Tuesday, August 06, 2013

restaurant life-wisdom

Seen on Twitter: 23 Life Lessons You Get from Working at a Restaurant, a really good list of moral lessons that come from working in one of the highest-pressure—and least appreciated—industries in the country. My brother David used to be in the food-service industry; I heard all the war stories and saw David at work (he even served me a couple of times). I understand only too well how these men and women bust their asses for thankless hours on end so you can enjoy a few minutes' plaisir gastronomique. I always tip 20%, and I make an effort to be as polite as possible to the servers (yes—even the incompetent ones).

David and I both agree that the comedy "Waiting," starring Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Anna Farris, Dane Cook, Chi McBride, and Luis Guzman, is a great, affectionate portrayal of the restaurant industry. It's exaggerated in some places, yes, but David assures me that a lot of the banter and pranking in the film is quite real. If you've never seen "Waiting," look it up.


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