Thursday, August 22, 2013


I somehow neglected to mention that I established an account at Daegu Bank (DGB) yesterday morning, before orientation. The process involved signing a slew of forms, and then poof—done. I guess I need to relay my account number to the campus finance office so I can be direct-deposited on payday.

Unfortunately, I only received my bank book (tongjang); an actual ATM card won't be issued until I've obtained my alien registration card (ARC), which has to happen within 90 days. Why this policy is in place, I have no clue. Bureaucracy is a strangling vine, impeding swift, direct action. Luckily, a bank book can serve as an ATM card in a pinch; I can make cash withdrawals and account transfers by inserting the book (which has a magnetic stripe) into a DGB ATM. Not that I have much cash in my new account: I slipped W10,000 (about $9, US) in there while I was filling out forms.


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