Tuesday, August 20, 2013

today's tripartite agenda

I woke up around 6AM this morning, fell back asleep, and woke up again around noon. That was probably my first good night of sleep in my new place. The first word out of my mouth, once I saw how late in the day it was, was "Shit!" I bounced out of bed, made a pot of ddeokbokgi, and formed a plan of action.

My agenda today is threefold:

1. Set up a bank account at my campus bank, which is indeed the Bank of Daegu.

2. Shop. Still much shopping to do.

3. Slap up pics of the CUD campus. (It's a very nice campus; my images don't really do it justice.)

So—pics for you tonight. Or this morning, depending on your time zone.

Tomorrow, I've got orientation at 10:30AM. I'd better not wake up at noon again.

UPDATE: Failure! The Bank of Daegu closes at 4PM, according to its website, and I still haven't gotten my big ass out of my apartment. So I'll hit the bank tomorrow morning, early, at 9AM, well before my 10:30AM orientation. It shouldn't take 90 minutes to make a bank account, right? ...Right?



Bratfink said...

Do they sell toaster ovens in Korea? They are better than no oven at all.

Just a thought.

Kevin Kim said...


I'm going to follow in the footsteps of my buddy Charles and buy myself a halogen mini-oven. Charles describes that oven as one of the "best investment"s he's ever made. He can bake even largish dishes, like deep-dish lasagna, in such an oven.

That sort of purchase is several months away, alas; I need to rebuild my finances before I can spring for that coveted appliance. But spring for it I will. Eventually.

Kevin Kim said...


To answer your question more directly: yes, they sell toaster ovens in Korea.