Saturday, August 24, 2013

questions I wish they used on "Family Feud"

I know that the questions on "Family Feud" are geared more toward the, uh, heartland demographic, but I'd still like to see a bit more variety in the tenor and intellectual challenge of the questions that contestants are asked. So here's a short list of questions I'd like to see contestants wrestle with on the show:

1. Name an English word that has three vowels in a row in it. (e.g., "disagreeable")

2. Name a surname that ends with "I-E-S." (e.g., Davies, Humphries, Margulies, etc.)

3. Name a popular Asian hot sauce or spice.

4. Name a popular Indian dish.

5. Name an important mountain-hiking safety tip.

6. Name a common type of grammatical error. (e.g., comma splice, misplaced modifier, etc.)

7. Name a non-culinary Spanish word or phrase commonly used in modern American English.

8. Name a superhero who is not a genetic mutant.

9. Name one feature common to all major extant religious traditions.

10. Name a common type of sports injury.

[Technically, the above aren't questions, per se; they're commands. Feel free to add your own intelligent questions/commands in the comments section.]



Charles said...

Wouldn't these questions be more appropriate for a show called "Nerd Feud"?

Kevin Kim said...

They are kinda nerdy, aren't they.