Sunday, August 25, 2013

le divorce

I've taken SiteMeter off my blog. As much as I used to enjoy, and make use of, the valuable statistical data that came from it, the service itself—its free version, at least—became too annoying to tolerate. About every other day, SiteMeter would crap out: I'd be unable to access the site, and the site wouldn't be collecting any stats while it was down. This constant crashing had a depressing effect on my traffic readings, and made me leery of SiteMeter's accuracy. So—fuck off, then. Bye-bye, SiteMeter.

Suggestions for a decent, reliable stat counter are welcome.

(And let's not get into a debate about how SiteMeter's counting methods are bad. Every stat counter has its own, idiosyncratic method for reckoning unique visits, page views, and the like. Blogger's stat counter, which doesn't provide much info, gives me wildly inflated traffic statistics compared to SiteMeter, which was one reason why I trusted SiteMeter more.)


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Charles said...

Does your hosting plan not offer its own site statistics? I thought a lot of them did that...