Wednesday, August 21, 2013

campus walkabout

As promised, here's my final pic dump: 33 images from my campus walkabout the other day. Hover your cursor over each image to see its caption.



John McCrarey said...

I'd have preferred a full frontal of Ms. Kang as opposed to the library, but the campus looks nice anyway.

Bratfink said...

Nice! Thanks for the tour.

hahnak said...

i appreciate all the photos of the campus and the town. i esp enjoyed the photos of daegu and an explanation of what emart is like.

i agree that yos are comfy. when we lived in l.a. for 5 years, we ended up never getting a mattress. just slept on some yo we bought somewhere in k-town. i know i should put this comment under the other posting but im just adding it here.