Friday, August 16, 2013

Angus awaits

One of my final meals in Virginia was at The Apple House, which is famous not only for its apple-cinnamon doughnuts, but also for its huge, one-pound Angus hamburger, the Bubba's Cavalier. I tried to take a pic of the thing, but the image turned out darker than hell. What you see below is the image after a bit of processing through Photoshop:

I've had the one-pound burger several times, and this time around I finally decided to ask the cook a question that had nagged at me for a long time: "Why is it that sometimes the burger comes out as two half-pound burgers, and at other times it's a big, honking single patty?" The cook smiled and said, "That's because I'm the only guy who can cook the single patty right." He then gave me the option: one patty or two. I picked one.


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