Saturday, August 24, 2013

whoa—weight loss!

I got a new bathroom scale. Just popped in the battery and weighed myself.

132.5 kilograms. That's 291.5 pounds! I can safely subtract at least two pounds from that to account for a huge Chinese dinner, a bottle of Pepsi, and half a liter of water. That puts me at 289.5 pounds, which means I've lost a net twelve pounds since I began weighing myself at the beginning of the year.

Of course, there is a bit of a fantasy element, here: my weight may be artificially low because of all the sweating I've been doing. Sweat enough during the day, and you can be two or three pounds lighter than you might otherwise be. I'll obviously have to keep weighing myself to gather enough data points to counter the pernicious statistical effects of temporary fluctuations. Perhaps at some point, I'll even get back to a low-/no-carb regime. I just don't feel like doing that right now.



John McCrarey said...

Now, if you are losing weight without even trying, I'm gonna be awful damn envious!

You've got another month or so of summer, so go for it!

Sperwer said...

I imagine the weight loss is primarily a function of significantly increased stress (resulting from all the arrangements, work and changes connected with your move) that, coupled with a likely diminution of total calories has resulted in a significant up-regulation of your metabolism. This will be only temporary, and the losses may be reversed now that your settling in - unless you capitalize on where you are at and start on a plan now - even if only a very modest one, consonant with your need to concentrate on other stuff for the time being - to keep the metabolism ramped up and avoid having the new stressors in your life. militate in favor of greater caloric consumption

Kevin Kim said...


Good observations and advice. Thanks.


Sperwer's right: I'll doubtless have to start making an effort.