Saturday, August 17, 2013

an intimate tour of 18 zones

I've got a ton of photos to foist upon you, and I've divided them into four groups:

1. pre-move
2. almost done packing
3. my new digs in Hayang
4. a tour of my new campus

The following photos are from before I started packing everything up. I took these pics as a way of quickly inventorying my possessions. To make the inventory more accurate, I divided my residence up into eighteen different zones, then labeled my packing boxes according to zone. This was far from a perfect system: for example, while it would have been ideal to lump all of my books together, some straggling books were instead grouped into a supplementary Zone 18, and thus were not packed with the books in Zones 1 to 7.

It could be that the following series of photos constitutes Too Much Information, because this really is about as comprehensive a catalogue of my possessions as you're ever likely to see. Feel free to look, point, and laugh, but don't judge too quickly: that huge mess of pills in Zone 16 isn't indicative of hyochrondria—most of those bottles are vitamins and the like. Call them "old-man pills," if you will. They keep me awake and help me shit. Hover your cursor over each image to see its caption.

All right... on with the show!

Whew... that was quite a lot of photos. I hope you enjoyed this intimate tour of where I used to live, and have perhaps come to appreciate the sheer scale of the move I just effected. The next three pic dumps won't be quite this ambitious, but I'm going to take a break for a few hours before I assault you with more images.



John McCrarey said...

Quite the eclectic collection of books. A well read and rounded man. Ha! I was a pretty big fan of Stephen King's early work, so it was nice to see Firestarter cracked open on the night stand.

Looking forward to the pics of the new digs and CUD campus.

Charles said...

Dang, that is a lot of stuff to pack. That must have been a nightmare.