Sunday, August 04, 2013

what we live for

Don't we teachers all live for things like this?

And we forgive the little mistakes, don't we, because of the spirit in which the gift has been given. The above message was attached to the gifts (wine, Starbucks card) that Amy and Sam had given me exactly a week ago. It feels a bit lonely, today, not to be going over to their place in Fairfax to tutor them; for six months, that had been my Sunday ritual. Are they still at Niagara Falls? No idea. As the Korean part of the above message promises, Amy will email me soon. (The Korean parts say, from first to last, (1) Thanks for teaching us; (2) Please don't forget us; (3) I'll email you; and (4) Seung-seop [Sam] and Seung-hui [Amy].)

I won't forget you guys. How could I?


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Dustyr55 said...

You have affected these two young people in a most positive manner. That's what being a teacher is all about. Job well done.