Wednesday, June 14, 2017

bad happenings in Korea

You may already have heard about the parcel bomb that exploded and injured a Yonsei University professor. Shades of the Unabomber and Professor David Gelernter. A graduate student has been arrested.

My boss also told me about an incident that happened here: a building-painter was hanging outside an apartment building, listening to music blaring from his cell phone while he worked. A disgruntled resident apparently became so angry about the loud music that he went up to the building's roof, found the rope from which the painter was hanging, and cut the rope. The painter, naturally, fell to his death. I was astonished when I heard this, and I sincerely hope the angry resident burns in hell for what he did. Am currently trying to track down a news article about this. Ah—here we are.

ADDENDUM: was the murder victim in the middle of painting, or was he applying sealant?

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