Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Everesting, Day 2

Everest's height: 8848 m

Distance climbed today: 87.48 m

Altitude reached today: 228.93 m

Height remaining: 8848 m - 228.93 = 8619.07 m

I managed to get up my building's staircase, from B1 to the 26th floor, exactly once before I declared defeat. Walking three times up the staircase unencumbered is one thing; it's a whole different universe when you've got 16 kg on your shoulders. Hats off to army guys everywhere, in all nations, for lugging 120-pound rucksacks up steep mountain paths as part of training. I almost felt as if I were going to have a heart attack by the time I reached the 26th floor. I did briefly entertain the thought of going back down and trying a second ascent, but the rest of my brain shouted down the cavalier part of my brain.

So, just as reaching 29 creekside staircases is now a goal to aspire to, reaching the three-ascent mark for my building's staircase is a similar goal. In both cases, I'll work my way, bit by bit, to my objectives. Everesting might end in the fall, but maybe that's for the best: it'll be much cooler then, which will make for a pleasant end.


Anonymous said...

It occurs to me that there are two ways to lower your effort and then build up--fewer steps, or less weight. You seem to want to go straight for the heavier weight, and choose to lower your steps, but I'm wondering if going the other way might not be better for your joints, muscles, lungs, stamina. I know very little about such things, but I know that they seem to recommend one start where one can do whatever it is without stress, then build up gradually. You don't want to strain a ligament, or ruin a joint, or even overstretch a muscle, in your eagerness to carry a full load to the top of Everest.

Kevin Kim said...

Good points all, and worth considering. Thanks!