Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Everesting, Day 3: 16/29

Went to the gym this morning for my first serious workout. Can't lift my arms. Can barely type this, even though several hours have passed. Went out for my creekside walk after taking a breather, post-gym. Could barely use my arms during the walk.

Did an extra staircase during the creekside walk today, bringing me up to 16 out of 29 staircases. The vest again weighed heavily on my shoulders, causing my neck to ache after 90 minutes; I may have to think about padding. So here are the Everesting numbers:

Everest's height: 8848 m

Distance climbed today: 149.78 m

Altitude reached today: 378.71 m

Height remaining: 8848 m - 378.71 = 8469.29 m

As the Korean summer waxes hotter, I may have to switch to nighttime walking: my creekside walks are currently happening between 8AM and 11AM. Since I've been trying to keep my lone mealtime as far away from exercise as possible, this will mean switching from lunch to breakfast. (I currently eat lunch because, by skipping dinner, I have plenty of time to digest and poop before the next morning's exercise.)

To be clear about my current schedule (which is still subject to change):

MWF: gym, creekside walk
TR: staircase walk
Sa/Su: jump rope, bodyweight/calisthenics workout

As long as my ass is fat, there will be no rest for the reary.

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