Friday, June 09, 2017

Everesting: final calculations

I went for a second creekside walk on Thursday evening and confirmed that I had not miscounted the number of steps for staircase #8: there were indeed 58 steps. I also counted out the number of steps for the twenty-ninth staircase: exactly 60 steps (36 + 24). I won't bore you with the respective heights of the fourteen individual staircases along the north side of the creek, but will instead relay to you the total vertical distance for doing all twenty-nine in a round trip: 274.2 meters.

So let's calculate!

Once up my building's staircase, B1 to 26: 87.48 m.
One round-trip creekside walk (29 staircases): 274.2 m.

Up my building's staircase 3X a day, 2X a week (TR): 524.88 m.
3 creekside walks (MWF): 822.6 m.

One-week total height climbed: 524.88 + 822.6 = 1347.48 m.

Mount Everest's height: 8848 m.

Number of 5-day weeks to reach the "summit": 8848 ÷ 1347.48 = 6.57 weeks, or about 6 weeks and 3 days (33 calendar days).

If I start Everesting this coming Monday with my weight vest (which did arrive! pictures up soon), I can finish this project by July 26. Walking is going to suck this time of year: I'll be wearing that weight vest, and the monsoon season will be in full swing through most of July. Joy. But, hey: maybe I'll lose another 10 kilos, what with all that walking/stair-climbing plus gym work. Anything's possible.