Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Philip DeFranco on Otto Warmbier


DeFranco is another YouTube discovery of mine. He's apparently been around since YouTube's beginnings, and he has since built himself a ginormous YouTube empire, giving rise to many fans and, of course, many haters. His videos are heavily edited (like Roaming Millennial's, and unlike Styx's one-take spiels), but he speaks in an entertaining, made-for-MTV manner that's easier on the ears than the voices of some of the droners I listen to. DeFranco covers trending topics from news and online; in this video, the Otto Warmbier story is only the first of several topics.


King Baeksu said...

How to be a popular current-affairs YouTuber:

1. Be relatively young and attractive.
2. Scan Twitter for a few hours and steal lots of other people's ideas, and then pass them off as your own.
3. Drink five cans of Red Bull before filming and jump around like a spastic monkey on camera in order to keep the ADHD-addled masses entertained.
4. Be sure not to say anything too "real' or "controversial" so as not to have your videos demonetized, thereby reaffirming the basic status quo.
5. After uploading video, go on half a dozen social-media platforms and whore yourself out for several hours.
6. Avoid daylight and age rapidly because you're a shut-in who spends all your time online.
6. Rinse and repeat until you're no longer fresh and are yesterday's news and are replaced by the next vapid up-and-comer, who's probably twelve years old and has ten million followers!

Kevin Kim said...

We'd better talk to Styx about his Red Bull addiction.