Thursday, June 29, 2017

narrative collapse redux: more damning video

Styx talks about James O'Keefe's latest video showing Van Jones, a higher-level CNN talking head, admitting that the Trump-Russia narrative is a "nothingburger."*

Styx frames this latest debacle in the larger context of the failure of the mainstream media and the rise of alternative media. I'd like to see some numbers tracking the MSM's decline.

NB: the above-linked Project Veritas video doesn't show Van Jones saying much more than the "nothingburger" quote. No larger discursive context is provided, which is disappointing because it will allow sympathizers to fire back with a "quoted out of context!" salvo.

UPDATE: the "out of context!" outcry has arrived on schedule thanks to the Washington Post (but with regard to the previous O'Keefe video, not with regard to the latest Van Johnson video), and here's the humorous response.

UPDATE 2: at Ann Althouse's blog, which you can access via the above link, there's this interesting comment:

The old Breitbart trick is to release an edited video, wait for the criticism that it's edited, and then release the whole video[,] which is even worse.

UPDATE 3: Paul Joseph Watson on "The Truth About CNN."

*How to spell "nothingburger"? I've chosen the fused compound to be in line with hamburger and cheeseburger. But if you prefer a hyphenated compound like "nothing-burger," or a noun phrase like "nothing burger," be my guest! It's a free country... for now.


King Baeksu said...

I'm not sure what the average viewing age of Sesame Street is these days, but clearly CNN is starting to treat its own viewers like impressionable small children:

CNN Interviews Elmo About The Refugee Crisis

King Baeksu said...

What if I told you Woke Black Man had made a deal with Agent Smith?