Tuesday, June 20, 2017

starting up again

A friend who shall remain nameless confessed that he had dropped off his walking routine for about a month. I told him that that was the cool thing about adulthood: no one is standing over you, so you can start up again, or not, at your leisure. No thunderbolts from Zeus, no castigation from Yahweh: it's just you and your conscience.

Well, I'm in a similar position: I did a few days' Everesting last week, then I slacked off, beginning with this past weekend. I'll be taking up the routine again tomorrow morning after I prep and cook the low-carb meals I'll be eating for the next several days. It's just a matter of forgiving myself and soldiering on. It's my life to live—or waste—as I choose. Forgive the tautology, but it's liberating to realize how free I am.

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