Thursday, June 29, 2017

office assholes

Every now and then, I'll come back from a trip to the restroom to discover that some dumb motherfucker has entered our office and turned off the light, probably in a preachy attempt to get us to save energy. I'm gone for a few minutes, and that's wasting energy? And what the fuck are you doing, coming into our office and manipulating our stuff to begin with?

This morning, I arrived at the office to discover the light was already on. I thought my boss had gotten here before I did (which happens on occasion), but no one else is here.

So we've got two kinds of asshole: (1) those who self-righteously turn our office lights off, and (2) those who peek in and negligently leave our lights on.

I'd make a "DO NOT TURN OUR LIGHTS ON OR OFF" sign, but we're moving down the street to a new office in a few weeks, so there seems little point in venting. What I'd love to do is install a pinhole camera to see which motherfuckers are doing this, then go after the guilty parties with a baseball bat. Fucking annoying.

UPDATE: the boss called and told me he'd been to the office very early and had kept the light on when he left. "I was wondering who the asshole was who had come into our room and left the light on!" I groused. It's nice to have an American boss who understands my sense of humor; I doubt I'd have been able to joke that way with a Korean boss.


TheBigHenry said...

How does the morning asshole get inside your office to turn the light on? Who besides you and your boss has a key? Don't you guys lock up when you leave for the day?

Kevin Kim said...

Part of the problem is the vagueness of the word "office." My company is located inside a large building that is a complex. This complex houses many different companies, restaurants, etc. We're on the second floor of the building, in Room 203-2. That's "our office," so to speak, and there's a main door to 203-2 that has an electronic lock. But our office is composed of many little offices, and most of those little offices have no locks on their doors, which is why any random stranger can peek in and be annoying in our absence.

It's going to be worse, in terms of security, in the new place: it's to be an open-plan office, from what I understand, so anyone from any department can walk anywhere. Some glass walls will interrupt the open-plan nature of the space, but there won't be many such walls, which are more decorative than functional. But at least there'll be no more problems regarding the turning on or turning off of lights, as the entire floor will be lit up, like it or not. (There may be local light switches for each department in the new space, but I'm not that hopeful. We'll see.)