Saturday, June 10, 2017

this is CNN

Why I no longer consume news from the mainstream media:

CNN Axes Reza Aslan (who is a certified asshole; he had this coming)

CNN's War on Trump is Going Swimmingly

Crude News Network

And on a more humorous note:

CNN to Launch Real-news Spinoff Site

Here's Styx on cutting off your MSM consumption. Forgive his use of "overarcing" when he means "overarching."


John from Daejeon said...

Thanks for the Styx (Tarl Warwick's) link. I still can't believe the gods foresaw your post/link leading me to Styx's
"Tarl Warwick addresses the commonly accepted understanding of God as omniscient, and explains why this divine attribute makes free will impossible" this morning.

Now, do the gods know if I will be buying any of Styx's/Tarl Warwick's books on

Kevin Kim said...

Omniscience/freedom is a question I've dealt with on the blog, back when I used to write more about religion. Here's a post from 2007. You can also just type "omniscience" in my blog's search window to find many other posts on the topic.

John from Daejeon said...

Thanks! And thanks for introducing me to the works of Styx's/Tarl's. I just wish he'd put on a shirt more often.

Kevin Kim said...

All credit goes to commenter Scott B., a.k.a. King Baeksu, who introduced Styx to me.