Thursday, June 22, 2017

your daily olio

Some more takes on the Impossible Burger:

Jeremy Clarkson eats a meat burger and the Impossible Burger side by side.

Adam Savage visits a friend and has an Impossible Burger.

The program "Munchies" goes to Momofuku to do the Impossible Burger.

Today at the office, we're having a little party to celebrate my having paid off my third major debt. I suppose the party can also be a considered a sort of send-off for my coworker, who will be traveling to the Philippines (he's of Filipino ancestry) to hang with relatives for a bit more than a week. For the occasion, I cooked enchiladas. Since I ate mine last night, I'll be eating my low-carb meal for lunch today while my boss and coworker chow down on Tex-Mex.

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