Wednesday, June 21, 2017

this is making me hungry

Various meat substitutes are tested:

I admit I'm curious to try the Impossible Burger. I've heard wildly mixed reviews of it, though: in the above video, the guys conclude that the burger is impossible(!) to distinguish from real meat, whereas other committed carnivores have said the burger is obviously fake. The video also makes me curious about seitan, which I've heard about but have never tried (although I wonder whether the supposed "tofu" I had during one lunch at Dongguk University's vegetarian cafeteria wasn't, in fact, a form of seitan). Seitan is one of several meat substitutes I'd like to sample, along with Quorn. Quorn is a fungus-based product (mycoprotein), whereas seitan is made from wheat gluten.

Now, I need to research whether these products are available in Korea and/or purchasable through iHerb. (Just checked. The answer for iHerb, alas, is no to both seitan and Quorn.
There are, however, seitan recipes online.)

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Kevin Kim said...

Paul Carver comments via email:

I recently attended an event at the British Embassy, and they were handing out samples of Quorn. Quorn is something I remember being made fun of in my childhood (see one of the Adrian Mole series of books) for being an obviously fake meat substitute. This updated version is much better and will be launched in Korean supermarkets later this year. Don't know if it will be successful, though...