Thursday, June 08, 2017

staircase data: mostly gathered

One of my two GMarket orders arrived today: the transparent-rubber protector for my cell phone. My weight vest must still be on the way. It's a 20-kilo vest, so the package is going to be a bit heavy. While I'm waiting for the package, though, I might as well collect creekside-staircase data, so I did that this morning... mostly. I walked my fourteen staircases, counting the number of steps in each staircase, and taking readings of three random steps on each staircase to establish an average height. Right around staircase #8, though, I think I lost concentration and miscounted because that staircase's step count came out to 58, which was much lower than the 60-something counts of the previous staircases. I also didn't have a chance to count the twenty-ninth* staircase along my route: this staircase is on the opposite side of the creek, and I hit it only when I'm on my way back to my apartment. That staircase is actually in two parts: there's a lower part that's twenty-some steps, and an upper part, farther down the creek, that's exactly thirty-six steps. I need an exact count, and a step-height reading, for the lower part, and just a step-height reading for the upper part. So: plenty of data still to collect tonight. I'll publish the numbers once I have them.

*Up to now, I've normally walked fourteen staircases along my route, one way. I then do a U-turn and walk directly home, not redoing any of the staircases I just did. My new Everesting campaign, though, will mean doing all fourteen staircases both ways, i.e., twenty-eight staircases in total. The twenty-ninth staircase is the final staircase I must climb when heading home. The initial twenty-eight are all on the north side of the creek; the final staircase is across the water, on the south side. I don't hit that staircase on my way to the creek, but I have to hit it on my way home because I'm at creek level.

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