Monday, June 19, 2017

the deed is done

Assuming no hitches, I've just submitted payment for my third of four major debts. There's a great sense of achievement and relief that goes along with this. In theory, I'll be able to check my bank account and my Wells Fargo loan account in a few days and see that the debt has been zeroed out. International wire transfers now take about 24 hours to process (compare this to the 2-3 business days they used to take a decade ago); if the timing is right, my wire transfer will go through first, then my last two Wells Fargo transactions will process through next: one for almost $250 (my regular monthly auto-pay), the other for about $5700. If the Wells Fargo transactions go through too quickly, before my wired money arrives, they'll bounce. Not a problem: I'll simply re-send them the following day, and if there's a small penalty to pay, then so be it. I doubt my credit rating will take much of a hit: that number (nearly 800, with 850 being the max) is healthy as a horse. The best news to come out of this is that I'll have freed up another $250/month. Sadly, the freed-up income will be saved and dumped into my fourth and final debt, the monster that I'll be paying off at the end of 2018. But after that, I'll be free to earn and to save like a madman.

One way or another, I'll have paid off a major debt this week, and that's something to celebrate. My boss has jokingly requested enchiladas, but this may not be a joke, as the boss has talked about enchiladas before. Enchiladas are good because I can make them at home, after which they're eminently microwaveable. I may do that this coming Friday.

PS: you may be wondering why a guy celebrating a major event is cooking the food for his own party. It's not a big deal when you love cooking.

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