Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Islamophobia is racism"

A nice takedown of a stupid concept here:

The video even mentions my old friend Edward Said.


SJHoneywell said...

Since "Islam" isn't a race, the concept is stupid on its face.

Kevin Kim said...

I agree completely. If you watch the video, you see that the issue is dealt with, albeit strangely. Shoe0nHead is critiquing Anita Sarkeesian, who affirms that Islam is not a race, but who insists that Islamophobia is nevertheless racism... because Edward Said, basically. Shoe is right to take Anita to task on this point.

I've blogged before about my reasons for disliking Said's Orientalism, which I find monumentally hypocritical because Said spends his entire time vilifying the West for creating a concept called "the Orient" that can then be objectified, raped, and pillaged... but in order to deploy his critique, Said must first create a construct called "the West" that he can then objectify and excoriate. You can't shout, "Objectifier!" while objectifying.