Thursday, June 15, 2017

London aftermath: preliminary insights

Regarding the west London apartment fire, I was right to quote the Grenfell Action Group's blog post, as the focus on the causes of the disaster is now falling on both the apartment building's management (KCTMO) and the people who tried to modernize the building two years ago by adding "external cladding" (some explanation in this article). Will this play out like the Sewol disaster in Korea? Will all the right heads roll?

The death toll remains un-finalized; a dozen deaths are confirmed, but as the tally is still being taken, I'm seeing articles tossing around vague figures like "dozens" and "scores" dead. We won't have a final count for a while, especially given the labyrinthine nature of the wreckage. There'll be more to say as inspectors and authorities do their jobs.

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