Tuesday, June 06, 2017

the lifting of the third burden

This month is special because I'll be paying off my third major debt. I have to send $7000 to my US account, but once I do so, $6000 of that money will go to paying off, at long last, the eMax student loan that has plagued my existence since about 1999. With that debt gone, I'll have freed up another $250 a month that will go to paying off my fourth and final major debt next year. After that, I'll count myself debt-free—except, of course, for the minor credit-card debts that I'll accrue quickly and pay off quickly. Next year, at long last, I'll have a taste of financial freedom. But for the moment, it'll be enough just to pay off this third debt. Later this month, I'll be sure to celebrate the unburdening.

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