Friday, June 16, 2017

"Should We Blame the Left for Alexandria?"

My new alt-media discovery this evening is a young lady who goes by the moniker "Roaming Millennial" (RM). She runs several video channels and sites, but the one I discovered was her YouTube presence. RM is a half-and-half like me (she's half-Chinese, though, not half-Korean), which automatically predisposes me to liking her. Based on the three videos of hers that I've watched, I'd say she leans more rightward than leftward, but she takes a smart, nuanced stance on the issues and isn't a bloviating idiot like Alex Jones of InfoWars.

Below, I've embedded an RM video about the Alexandria shooting. What struck me about RM's stance was how close it was to my own. While she doesn't explicitly highlight the moral-agency angle the way I have, she's just as aware as I am of the dangers of being hypocritical in heedlessly blaming the left's hateful speech for causing someone like James T. Hodgkinson to snap and try to kill several Republicans. RM warns against the exact same hypocrisy I was warning against, although she does seem to be in favor of, like Ted Nugent, toning down the public rhetoric a bit.

Here's Roaming Millennial:

RM also has a video about the ongoing embarrassment at Evergreen College. The first video in which I saw her, though, was her interview/exchange with Stefan Molyneux about feminism and family, which you can view here.

ADDENDUM: up to now, I've had cosmetic issues with just about every alt-media figure I've encountered. Styxhexenhammer666, who could pass for one of the Weird Sisters, speaks in an annoying nasal drone and often appears shirtless in his vlogs, assaulting us viewers with glimpses of his sunken chest and angry nipples. I've had to adopt a "look beyond the surface" attitude in order to concentrate on the admittedly good content he's producing. Stefan Molyneux has a sharp intellect and keen wit, but his speaking style is so overdramatic that it's often hard to take him seriously—especially during the final three seconds of his vlogs, when he ends his spiels by fixing the camera with a creepy, Anthony Perkins-like stare. Paul Joseph Watson—who is, by the way, the only InfoWars personality I can stand listening to—often seems to be making kissy faces at the camera with his ridiculously swollen lips. As with Styx and Stefan, I have to avert my gaze and concentrate on the content of Watson's presentation to derive any value from the vlogging experience. With Roaming Millennial, however, I now have someone who has a smart, smooth, articulate presentation style and is easy on the eyes. Thank Cthulhu. The fact that, in the three videos of hers that I've seen, she seems to have almost the same worldview that I do means that I'll be watching her regularly from now on.

ADDENDUM 2: more RM videos:

The Myth of Cultural Appropriation
People of Color: You Are Not Oppressed


  1. Lol, you're so judgmental. The Alt-Media are by definition non-mainstream, and therefore have their quirks and eccentricities. You could even argue that their unslick, non-commercial presentation is a way of filtering out the flakey and unserious.

    I would recommend the videos of Ramzpaul, Black Pigeon Speaks, Gad Saad, Jordan Peterson, Lauren Southern and a newcomer to the scene: The Unplugged Podcast.

    But if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, The VoxDay Darkstream can't be beat. (He's a mix of Native-American Indian, Mexican and European.)

    Styx referenced me in his recent video on Otto Warmbier. He's got a bug up his ass about North Korea and thinks it should be destroyed, but I'm slowly working on him to adopt a more nuanced approach.

  2. The rabbit hole is small in the eyes of a lion.



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