Tuesday, June 06, 2017

today's agenda

I'm not at work today because it's a national holiday: Memorial Day. One of my big tasks for today is to go out to the creek, count the number of steps in all fourteen staircases that I do, and measure the average step height for each staircase so I can have a better-than-rough idea of vertical distance covered when I do my creekside walks. With that under my belt, I can rework my numbers and figure out definitively how long my "Everesting" program will last.

I also need to head over to the Lotte Mart in Jamshil to buy myself a more serious jump rope than the W2000 piece of flimsy, Daiso-purchased plastic I currently own. Serious jump ropes are usually rubber-encased lengths of cable, and they're not cheap. On the plus side, such ropes usually have greater inherent momentum, thus making them swing better. I'm not at a stage, in my jump-roping career, where I feel comfortable doing Rocky-style jump-rope tricks like "double-unders" and "crossovers," but if I do decide, at some point, to expand my jump-rope repertoire beyond the "regular bounce," then such an expansion will be easier to accomplish with a heavy rope. So: I'm buying a nicer jump rope today.

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