Monday, June 05, 2017

too little, too late

After watching "Wonder Woman" this past Saturday, I did the nearly 90-minute walk back to my place. During the final part of my walk, I stopped by the bicycle shop that I had visited a few times before my trans-Korea trek to see whether it carried any generic phone covers. The guy running the shop remembered me and said "Here," handing over a bag full of bike reflectors because he'd remembered that I had asked about those during one of my April visits. I thanked him and asked how much the reflectors would be; he said they were free. I laughed and confessed that I'd already done my walk—a fact that surprised my interlocutor, who obviously didn't think I had lost much weight. (I've since regained a kilo or two, which will be coming back off shortly, but I've still lost at least a net 8 kg. As I've said before, the weight loss won't really be visible until I've lost another 20 kilos.) Anyway, I said the reflectors would have been good to have back in April, but I'd take them, anyway, and find some use for them. The store ended up not having any cell-phone cases; all they had were bike-mounted phone holders. Alas.

I wish I'd told the guy about the reflector I'd found on the road.

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