Sunday, June 11, 2017

weight vest

I had to learn the Korean term for "weight vest" in order to shop for this online (after which I discovered that you can shop online on GMarket in English). The two most common terms are "중량 조끼" (joongnyang jokki) and "무게 조끼" (mugae jokki), both of which will result in pics of weight vests when you type them into a search window.

I ordered the 20-kilo vest you see below, and it's pretty heavy when you insert all twenty of the 1-kilo weights into it. As you see, the vest came as two separate packages: one light box was the vest itself; the other heavy box contained the weights, which look like huge metal slugs that could punch a big hole in an elephant if launched fast enough.

I'm not crazy enough to wear all 20 kilos: instead, I'll be wearing 16. I had originally wanted to do 15 kilos, but because of how the vest's pockets are arranged, 15 kilos would have made the vest lopsided.

The pain begins on Monday. 

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