Sunday, June 18, 2017

what it truly means to be red-pilled

Below is Cassie Jaye, director of the 2016 documentary "The Red Pill," which focused on men's-rights activists (MRAs). Jaye, who began crafting her documentary as a committed feminist who was also committed to an unflinching look at the truth, ended up dropping the label of "feminist" the more she discovered about MRAs and about the feminism she espoused. This short video shows a person to whom the slang term "woke" should really be applied. The video's title, "Ex-feminist Comes Clean," is misleading: to "come clean" means you're confessing after having hidden or lied about the truth. But from Jaye's speech, I gather that she was an honest person from the get-go, and it was her honesty that led her to abandon feminism once she became aware of its toxic side.


King Baeksu said...

First usage of the "red pill" as a political metaphor that I can find:

The Case against Democracy: Ten Red Pills

I compared South Korean society with "The Matrix" in my 2007 book "Korea Consumer Report," lol. Many readers seemed to enjoy that!

"KCR" was published in the same month as the above blog post. Something in the air at the time? Was an omniscient programmer manipulating both of our minds, for reasons that have yet to reveal themselves to human civilization?

TheBigHenry said...

How refreshing it is to listen to someone who is willing to reassess a long-held opinion that had been acquired without much thought.

Kevin Kim said...


Agreed. Such people are rare, especially these days, when battle lines are drawn and people aren't in a listening mood.