Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Hey! You from U. Mich!

I just saw that I got a hit from somebody at the University of Michigan.

If this visitor to my blog (welcome!) is a prof there, please know that I'm interested in finding out more about your Buddhist Studies program. I'm interested in doing doctoral work in the areas of Korean Seon/Zen Buddhism, religious pluralism, and interreligious dialogue (not necessarily in that order of priority). But I know that, with my current background (which includes an MA in Religion and Culture from Catholic University in DC), I'd probably have to do a lot of remedial work-- my knowledge remains very, very general. I'm currently living in Seoul.

Other universities I'm looking into are: UCLA (ideally, studying Korean Buddhism under Dr. Buswell), George Mason University (ideally, the Cultural Studies program, but working with Dr. Young-chan Ro if at all possible), and SUNY Stony Brook (ideally, the Philo program-- with as much work as possible under Dr. Sung-bae Park).

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