Monday, November 28, 2005

100 Below: Volume 14

Tobias had unzipped his fly to allow his massive erection to hang out. It flapped wildly as he rounded the corner at a run and found Melissa’s digs.

“Ah, 2803,” he giggled. “Nice to meat you!”

He knocked and waited.

The door opened.

“HA HA!” Tobias yelled, ramming his schlong through the opening.

Melissa screamed. Slammed the door.

Tobias screamed, too. He couldn’t move.

His sausage was trapped between door and jamb. The pain was intense.

“Help!” Tobias sobbed.

He felt something. Something warm.

Something on the other side.

Hooray! His heart leapt. Melissa!

Then he heard a low growl.



Anonymous said...

Flashers, mutilation, and bestiality all rolled into one short post.

"Nice to meat you." LOL.

Kevin Kim said...

Many thanks.

I think it'd be bestiality if the focus of Toby's passion were the dog, but as things stand, the dog is preparing to defend her master against a swollen (and potentially tasty?) alien probe.