Sunday, November 13, 2005

you guys go fight it out

Joseph the Infidel comments on the situation in France in this entry. The upshot for him: there should be less focus on religious issues and more focus on failed governmental policies.

Meanwhile, a Canadian blog written in both English and French has a post that sees religion as the central problem. Go visit Tout le Monde en Parle (Everyone's Talking About It).

My own view is that we can't reduce the riots to a single cause, be it religion or governmental policies. The problem was long in coming, apparently; at least, that's what all the commentators are telling us. If true, then it'll be years before a proper disentanglement and analysis of causes can be achieved. The French government will likely tender some solutions now, but you can rest assured that those solutions will be half-assed, as they must be: a large-scale disaster requires large-scale planning and response.


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