Friday, November 11, 2005

some quick headlines

I'm going to be translating that essay by Denis Jeambar later this evening, but first, a few remarks.

L'Express is no longer leading with the riots. The top article, tonight at least, appears to be about the hotel bombings in Jordan. Here are some of the riot-related headlines I see on L'Express's homepage:

1. Huit policiers suspendus = 8 police suspended (for excessive violence against rioters)

2. Chirac sort de son silence = Chirac breaks his silence (his first priority is the reestablishment of public order)

3. Violences en baisse = Violent incidents decreasing (especially in the suburbs themselves)

4. Sarkozy veut expulser les étrangers condamnés = Sarkozy wishes to expel guilty foreigners (le Pen applauds, I'm sure)

Also: Dr. Hodges has a very good post up on his blog: Unrest Easing in France?

Off to dinner. More later.


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