Monday, November 07, 2005

RiotWatch: editorial about Sarkozy

In this video editorial/analysis, Christophe Barbier claims that, for Nicolas Sarkozy, the Conservative Who Would Be Prez, there's one piece of good news but two pieces of bad news.

The good news: he's gotten people on the right to rally behind him both in government and in the public (" une partie non-négligable de l'opinion" = no small fraction of public opinion).

The bad news:

1. Recent events signal the profound failure of Sarkozian politics dating to 2002: he promised to get rid of the problems in the suburbs, but it's now obvious his solutions merely "mowed" the problems down without actually "uprooting" them.

2. Sarkozy's own conduct hasn't been very presidential, something that will work against him in the upcoming presidential elections-- how to become president of all the people, when he's alienated many by calling them "punks" and "the rabble"?


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