Friday, November 11, 2005

11/11: Pepero Day!

Some marketing genius decided that November eleven, a date that's written entirely as ones (11/11), should be dubbed "Pepero Day," in honor of the chocolate-covered, straw-shaped cracker. Korean stores and bakeries are currently stocked full of the stuff. I'm expecting to be riddled by a storm of Pepero quarrels in class as students give each other (and yours truly) Pepero-themed gifts.

Like most expats, I don't have a damn clue why it's called "Pepero," as the snack has no relationship whatsoever to black pepper, chili peppers, bell peppers, or any other sort of pepper. My theory: if Hello Kitty is what happens when vaginas are commodified by East Asian marketers, then Pepero is what happens when those same marketers turn their attention to the penis.

Ladies! They're hard! They're long! And they're tasty! And on November 11 every year, you should be sucking on them, one after another!

Already sick of Pepero, I've sent my top agent after the marketers:


1 comment:

Kevin Kim said...

Nothing makes sense at 4:45AM. Go to sleep.

Besides, I'm not sure what your "it" refers to. The picture? The scenario in the picture? The text in the picture? The text in the blog post? The bizarre fact of Pepero Day?

A pronoun without an antecedent is a troubling thing, indeed!

Off for a two-hour nap before class,