Sunday, November 06, 2005

wedding pics

Freshly plucked and boiled, Saturday wedding pics fo' yo' ass:



Jelly said...

What a lovely couple! The bride is so pretty!

Jelly said...

By the way, I see from your pics that people are very casual about attending a wedding! (I like jean-jacket woman!)

I went to my friend's wedding in Masan on Christmas Day a couple years back. I was lamenting the fact I had to wear a skirt, as I figured I'd have to wear it all night - and it was cold to boot! (I ended up bringing a change of clothes for the after wedding party.) But, I was so surprised to see that I would not have been out of place if I had worn my jeans. Many of the guests were in denim, and a couple were even wearing track suits (gasp!)

My friend's wedding was at one of those chapel kind of things. The bride and groom entered the hall on a gold chariot that slid along the side of the wall, while music blared, disco lights flashed everywhere, and a machine blew bubbles all over the place. I'd never seen anything like it! Just like at the wedding you attended, the guest chatted with each other and talked on their cellphones through the whole ceremony. Amazing!