Tuesday, November 08, 2005

what's there to fight for in France?

Here's what.

A post or two ago, I translated an article that mentioned that the riots have spread to places like Nantes and Strasbourg.

In the above pic, you see my buddy Dominique, who's been my friend since I met him in a study program in 1986. With him in this pic is his wife Véronique, their eldest daughter Joséphine, their son Augustin, and their youngest daughter Héloïse. Hélo doesn't realize it yet, but she's about to gain either a brother or a sister. My friend told me so in a recent email.

Dominique's family, as well as Véro's, comes from the Nantes area, way over on the west side of France. Domi currently lives close to Colmar, which doesn't put him all that far from Strasbourg, on the east side. As you might imagine, I'm going nuts at the possibility that any branch of his precious family might be touched by what's happening all over France.


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