Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday potpourri

Wandering to Tamshui links to a hilarious beer commercial.

The Lost Nomad links to another hilarious beer commercial, and offers us this bizarre spectacle.

Justin ponders naughtiness.

Justin's brother ponders naughtiness.

Charles at Liminality finished his NaNoWriMo novel with ten days to spare. That, ladies, is focus-- a quality I lack. Check his novel out here. While he's been privately modest about the novel, I found it a compelling read, and got frustrated toward the end when Charles didn't post his chapters in time for my nightly reading session. The story follows the adventures of college-aged Chris through Italy, and offers us a parallel adventure through a fantasy realm-- the magical world inside Chris's journal.

In other nudes: Never be at a loss for words again! Carl the Poet has the solution!

Jelly has a good day.

In a "Tapeworm Tuesday" post from a little while back, the Maven links to an old, hilarious bit by the Greaseman. I've listened to a few of the Grease's recent podcasts (he's back to DJing in DC-- thanks for the links, Maven), and I might just give him another chance.

I found it exceedingly strange that even the spammers were silent for most of yesterday (Saturday, Korea time). I went out and had a second Thanksgiving dinner at the behest of a friend of mine. Good food, lots of expats I didn't know. Not being the sociable sort, I sat around taking the atmosphere in, but it was still interesting.


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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the kind words, but I think "honesty" would be a more apt description of my attitude than "modesty."

By the way, your one sentence summary of my story makes it sounds really interesting. I read that and thought, "Wow, that sounds cool, I should go read that... oh, wait..." Maybe I should just have you ghostwrite for me from now on.