Sunday, November 13, 2005

RiotWatch: return to normalcy

Just a moment ago, I posted about continued violence in France. This L'Express article notes a downward trend in violence.

Retour progressif à la normale dans les banlieues

Un retour progressif au calme se confirme dans les banlieues françaises au lendemain d'une 17e nuit consécutive d'incidents marquée par une baisse des incendies de véhicules en province et en Ile-de-France.

Progressive return to normalcy in the suburbs

A progressive return to calm is noticeable in the French suburbs following the 17th consecutive night of incidents marked by a reduction in vehicular arson in the provinces and in Ile-de-France.

(If you want the whole translation, leave a comment.)



  1. Last week, I asked my Frenchie pal Stephanie why they were rioting and she immediately answered, "because they are stupid, violent idiots." She also said anybody who claims that religion is not a factor is just as stupid.

    That was the word from a Mimizan native, at least.

  2. Also, have you read anything about the rioters running out of cars to burn? I saw that on some right-wing site this morning, but I wondered if it had actually appeared in the French media.



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