Friday, November 11, 2005

coming soon: another interesting article

L'Express editor Denis Jeambar has written a rather provocative (and much shorter, praise God!) article which I hope to translate for you. The link, for French readers, is here.

The article manages to be both strident and lyrical in tone. Like many of the essays I've already translated, it plunges unabashedly into the vortex of intensive self-examination for which the French have a special talent-- but in a manner that will probably please conservatives everywhere, for it points a rigid finger at the foreign causes in the current crisis. No, this isn't a "blame America" article; it's something else. If you're impatient and you read French, click the link above. If not, sit tight. The article's title is "L'étau," which means "The Clamp" or "The Vice."



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