Wednesday, November 23, 2005

strategic realignment of forces

November is winding to a close. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, Thursday, and I have to start thinking about packing up and shipping out to America for my first visit there in two years.

I'll be concentrating on my new book's manuscript while I'm in the States. The blog is therefore going to undergo some thematic changes to make life a bit easier on me. The basic paradigm shift: moving fully into humorblogging.

My humor isn't for everyone. If you're easily offended, consider this post fair warning. I hold very little sacred. An interview with Christ's woefully underused penis is, therefore, a possibility. I also have no compunction about depicting Kim Jong Il having sex with a-- oh, wait-- here it is:

So if you see more "100 Below"s, weird short stories, sick cartoons, and inbred pomes than usual, don't be surprised. The blog is simply settling on a single theme for the time being.

Weekly schedule (subject to change without notice)--

Monday: 100 Below, regular style
Tuesday: The Chalice of Bitterness
Wednesday: 100 Below, religious edition
Thursday: Smoo Follies
Friday: 100 Below, genre-raping edition
Saturday: your Saturday cartoon
Sunday: the Rotten Pot (le pot pourri)

More than one post may appear each day. Nothing to be frightened of.


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Maven said...

*DING DING!* This [points at self!] Pavlovian Dog is salivating at the idea of devouring more of your texticles!

Chewy and satisfying!