Sunday, November 13, 2005

England and France

On a video from several months ago, Al Qaeda calls the Queen an "enemy of Islam." More here.

(link via Drudge)

One passage I found disturbing:

[The video] also contains inflammatory material from Mohammad Sidique Khan, ringleader of the London bombings which killed 52 commuters. He is urging Muslims to take part in jihad and seek martyrdom.

Khan, 30, incites British Muslims to ignore the moderate Islamic leaders who want integration with British society.

“Our so-called scholars of today,” he said, “are content with their Toyotas and semi- detached houses” in their desire for integration. The message is believed to be the first of its kind in which a British suicide bomber calls on fellow UK Muslims to follow his example.

To the people who insist this isn't a war, I say Think again. It's not a war because we define it that way: it's a war because they define it that way.

Meanwhile, in France...

17th night of violence, and it's not over yet.


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