Sunday, November 13, 2005

Namsan hike with Joel

Joel and I went for a Namsan hike this morning, starting around 6:35AM (I was 5 minutes late to the meeting). We did the scenic route this time.

I hadn't been to Namsan in over a week, and it was embarrassing that I couldn't answer some of Joel's questions about the state of renovation on the mountain. The Seoul Tower remains closed; they're replacing the huge glass panels on its sides. As you walk along the road that first passes by the National Theater, you now see that the park service has constructed new "overlook" areas-- large wooden platforms where walkers can stop and take in the view (such as it is: with so much foliage, it's often hard to see Seoul).

Joel was a good sport about the hike, just like last time, but he kept reminding me that he's over ten years younger than I am, the bastard. He also told me that his girlfriend, Seon-haeng (well, she spells it "Sunhang," but I wasn't sure how to pronounce that spelling the first time I saw it on Joel's blog-- I thought it was pronounced "soon-haang"), took second place in her speech contest on Saturday, which means she kicked ass. I congratulate her. You're treating her to a series of very expensive dinners in honor of her achievement, right, dude?

As before, conversation involved matters that shall remain private, so I'll leave it at that, and wish Joel a safe trip back to Gunsan. Happy trails, man.


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