Wednesday, February 19, 2020

2010 deaths from COVID-19 confirmed

We're at 2010 deaths from COVID-19 now (link updates in real time). 2007 of those deaths are in China; that's 99.9% of all deaths worldwide. As I said before, I think the problem is going to remain largely in China. Other countries, especially the ones with free speech and free exchange of information, will fare much better. South Korea seems to be doing just fine:

All in all, given where I live and the level of civilization here, I can't say I'm all that worried.


Charles said...

I didn't watch the video, but I can't believe he's doing the whole mask-on-the-chin thing. Hey, British journalist guy! If that mask really did do something to protect you from pathogens, you do realize that this means those pathogens are on the mask and now sitting directly below your lips, right?

Kevin Kim said...

I take that to mean the reporter has a touching level of trust in South Korea's ability to combat the virus.

John Mac said...

I just read that USFK has put Daegu off-limits due to the outbreak down there. So far at least, things appear to be very quiet here in the PI. Although, maybe it's what you don't know about that kills you.