Wednesday, February 05, 2020

da moove

Later today (Wednesday), I'll be moving out of my office in the Classia building and back to my old office in the ancient, dilapidated Mido shopping complex. The movers are supposedly coming at noon; I'm going to be in the office around 11 a.m., unplugging my computer and peripherals and doing final prep to make it easier to move my junk up the street to Mido.

The move represents gains and losses. I'll be sad to lose easy access to a decent basement-level grocery (with plenty of foreign products) in the Classia building, as well as easy access to nearby restaurants. I'll also be sad to lose access to a better-quality seamstress who repairs my clothing for less money than the old, grandmotherly thieves in the Mido building. I'll be farther away from the local dollar store (Daiso). But I'll have easy access to a slew of basement restaurants in Mido, as well as access to the branch of Shinhan Bank that I normally visit when doing my international wire transfers. The grocery in the Mido complex isn't quite as good as the one in Classia, but it's not bad, either. In fact, the meat section sells the best shabu-style beef in the district.

Most important, though, I'll be back in a sane atmosphere, doing sane work on sane projects. That ought to be fun. Here's hoping.

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