Saturday, February 15, 2020

COVID-19 problem in China much worse than reported

So it appears that COVID-19 is now supposed to be the new official name for the Wuhan coronavirus. The following China Uncensored video talks about how the outbreak we're currently seeing is "just the beginning." My own suspicion is that the bulk of the cases will be inside China; the rest of the world—at least, the parts of it that allow for free speech and free exchange of information—will handle the outbreak more or less competently, with minimal loss of life. Meanwhile, repressive regimes like China and North Korea will suffer thanks to their own inability to be truthful about the actual extent of the problem within their borders.

I'm not the only one to equate China's current problem with the USSR's Chernobyl disaster. I'm also reminded of "Jaws," that classic work of American fiction, in which the mayor of Amity insists on denying that there's a shark problem because he's afraid of losing tourism revenue. Let me give in to my own inner totalitarian and humbly suggest that people who try to control the flow of information ought to be dragged out and shot.

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