Saturday, February 22, 2020

sorry about the lack of pics

You've already seen the boeuf bourguignon that I'd made, so I doubt you're jonesing to see more photos of exactly the same thing. That said, I enjoy foodblogging, so I'm sorry for not slapping up any new photos of the latest batch of the beef Burgundy. It really did look exactly the same as the first batch, though; as I said, the prep is absurdly easy to do, and if you follow the instructions the same way both times, the laws of physics take over and lead you to consistently similar results.

I served huge bowls of the succulent beef with fusilli pasta, like last time, and both my boss and my coworker loved the meal, complimenting the skirt steak's tenderness, which was the result of two hours and fifteen minutes of simmering. The boss jokingly complained that I'd served him too much; he taught me the Korean idiom "You've got big hands," which is a way of saying a person is too generous, especially when serving food.

There's a chance I'll be serving up some gumbo next week. I have about 4.5 kilos of gumbo sitting in individual Ziploc bags in my freezer, plus about nine 150-gram links of frozen homemade andouille sausage that I plan to cut into medallions, fry up, and dump into the gumbo at some point (along with more shrimp, of course; the gumbo already has plenty of chicken in it). Maybe I'll post photos then. We'll see.

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Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

To hell with pics, up with pecs!

Jeffery Hodges

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